Finding THE piece of jewelry that perfectly matches your style – even when your style changes – is why Whitley V’s customers have become raving fans.

Premier jewelry designers behind Whitley V, Bryan and Liz Vaigneur, are creating unique jewelry for women of all ages to add just the right spark to their wardrobe. Whether you need a statement necklace for a cocktail party or you want to layer on bracelets to match your eclectic style, each piece of the collection is sure to polish off the perfect look.

“Wearing big, statement, raw stone pieces for special occasions is probably the no-brainer of how to pull them off.  Just in case you need a suggestion or a new outfit to crave, this Whitley V Pyrite Beaded necklace adds a stunning finish to an already glamorous look.”

~Darby Rush, Kiskadee Boutique~

In a very short time, Whitley V jewelry has found its way into boutiques and retail locations across the country where style and fashion are cutting edge. Their custom jewelry designs are also increasingly celebrated in leading fashion magazines including Lucky and Cosmopolitan. It is easy to see why.

Handcrafted in Charleston, SC, each piece is designed to ensure that natural elements, semi-precious stones and metals are partnered to create an aesthetically pleasing, one-of-a kind piece - all with a dash of flair and fun. The collection changes seasonally so your jewelry will be in line with the latest fashion trends. Quality materials are sourced from locations around the world that are focused on sustainability and natural preservation as an extension of their design philosophy.

Whether you are just looking for that one signature piece while shopping online, browsing in a classy boutique or you are interested in selling Whitley V as a wholesale jewelry partner, we look forward to having you as part of the Whitley V family.

Bryan and Liz’s ultimate inspiration came in 2010 with the birth of their daughter Anna Whitley – the namesake for Whitley V. The Vaigneurs reside in Mt. Pleasant, SC with their daughter, son Bennett, and their dogs Luke and Lilly.